If you are considering cosmetic or plastic surgery, it is important to have realistic expectations about what surgery may or may not achieve. It is also important to be doing it for the right reasons and at the right time.

If you are unsure whether to pursue cosmetic or plastic surgery, a psychological assessment may be useful to allow you the space to reflect and make a decision. Alternatively, your Plastic Surgeon may have asked you to seek a psychologist’s opinion about cosmetic or plastic surgery before they proceed any further. You may also be seeking psychological support to prepare you for or following a surgical procedure.

In any case, I am experienced in providing assessments related to cosmetic or plastic surgery. My current role in the NHS as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist in Burns and Cleft Lip and Palate means that I am experienced in having discussions around surgery and identifying whether a person may be at risk for being dissatisfied or for continued/increased distress if they undergo surgery, and working with Plastic Surgeons to develop a treatment plan in a collaborative way.

Please contact me to arrange an assessment.